How do I make groups with this team generator?

To make groups with this team randomiser simply: enter all the names of your students; select whether you want to group by size or by count; enter the number of groups or size you require; then press “Generate Groups”. The grouping system will automatically create a completely randomised set of groups. You can generate as many groups as you need.

Are the groups randomly generated?

Yes, the groups are generated randomly each time you press the “Generate Groups” button.

Are the groups generated on my device?

Yes, the groups are generated locally on your device, and student names are not sent to any server.

Do I have to enter the student names every time?

The student names you enter are saved locally on your device, so you only have to enter them once! If you have more than one class, you can store as many classes as you need with the Groups app.

Why did less groups get generated than I requested?

Occasionally, the grouping system is unable to randomly build groups that match the entered criteria. In this case, one less group will be generated. This happens when there are too few students, for example it is impossible to create 3 groups out of 5 students without placing one student by themselves (which the system will automatically avoid).

What group sizes can I generate?

You can generate any groups of any size greater than two. This includes building pairs/twos, threes, fours, etc.

How can I distribute genders evenly?

You can specify genders for each student and then use the “Distribute Genders Evenly” option in the Groups app.

How can I avoid grouping certain students together?

You can avoid grouping certain students by specifying which students are incompatible in an “Avoided Peers” list, in the Groups app.

Who is this random group builder for?

This random team generator has been designed for teachers to create groups of their students, but you can use it to create groups for any purpose.

What are the advantages of teamwork in the classroom?

Group work has many advantages, including: allowing students to develop valuable teamwork skills, as well as other related skills including leadership, critical thinking and problem solving; exposing students to a wider range of ideas; allowing students to utilise their strengths; improving social skills; and providing/receiving feedback from peers. Group work activities are being used by many teachers worldwide.